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iTO version 2.5 is the latest learning management system made by Blue Ocean. It offers a range of exciting features, including live tutoring, placement test, dashboard for parents, and gamification through missions and minigames.

Services: Product management, UI/UX Analysis and Design, Software Development, Software Architecture Solution, Content Production, Curriculum and Syllabus creation service, Testing and Assessment service

With live tutoring, students can receive instant help from qualified tutors, making it easier to get the support they need. The new placement test features ensures that students are placed in the appropriate classes for their abilities, while the dashboard for parents allows parents to track their child’s progress in real-time.

The gamification aspect of iTO 2.5 is what sets it apart from other learning management systems. With missions and minigames, students can learn while having fun and stay engaged with the material. This innovative approach to education is sure to keep students motivated and excited about learning.

With iTO 2.5, Blue Ocean has developed a learning platform that is both engaging and effective. The advanced features and intuitive design demonstrate our expertise in both product management and technology.



Blue Ocean’s Online Testing Platforms is revolutionizing the testing experience by overcoming the technical difficulties that stand in the way of covering different kinds of logic and forms of questions.

Services: Product management, UI/UX Analysis and Design, Software Development, Testing and Assessment service

Blue Ocean’s capability to analyze and cover the various forms of tests and its modular software design allows new forms of testing and questions to be easily incorporated into the platform, hence, accomodating a huge amount of education institutions and their need when it comes to learning efficacy evaluation.

Its user-friendly design and modern user interface makes it a comprehensive and intuitive test-taking platform that can accommodate any user reasonably well. This has enabled education institutions to create successful tests without worrying about technical glitches or user discomfort, resulting in a better overall user experience with less stress during the test. Most of the users when using this platform have never experienced the platform before. Therefore, the UX has to be done with care to make sure that there is no confusion for the users and they can focus on proving their ability during the evaluation. 



EcoStudy is a comprehensive information system designed to meet the diverse needs of schools. With its range of features, EcoStudy provides an all-in-one solution for managing student information, grades management, scheduling, and more.

Services: Product management, Software Development, Software Architecture Solution

Some key features of EcoStudy include:

Student information management: EcoStudy allows schools to easily store and access student information, including contact details, grades, and attendance records.

Grading and assessment: EcoStudy includes tools to make data entry of academic results, track student progress, and generate reports.

Scheduling: ecostudy’s scheduling feature enables schools to create and manage class schedules, assign teachers to classes, and view available rooms and resources.

Communication: EcoStudy includes tools for communicating with students, parents, and teachers, including email, messaging, and alerts.

With its comprehensive feature set, EcoStudy is a valuable resource for schools looking to streamline their operations and improve student outcomes. Whether you need to manage student information, assess student progress, or communicate with stakeholders, EcoStudy has you covered.